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Interview with Ms. Liu Yuling Deputy General Manager of the Rastar Group.

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    Ms.Liu Yuling (left), deputy general manager of Rastar Group, and Mr. Wang Xianbin (Haitian Agent)

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    Workshop of Rastar Group

Rastar has been engaged in R&D and manufacturing of motor vehicles since its establishment in 2000. Now, it has been developed into a leading manufacturer of motor vehicles in China. We talked to Ms. Liu Yuling, the deputy general manager of the Rastar Group, shortly after the Guangzhou Toy Exhibition.

When recalling the Guangzhou Toy Exhibition, Ms. Liu told us  “the Guangzhou Toy Exhibition took place right after the China Import & Export Fair (also in Guangzhou) and was an ideal platform for Rastar. We are proud that our products are very well accepted and liked by a wide range of customers. For Rastar, export business accounts for a crucial part of our entire business, and our major battlefield is the international market. Currently, our products are mainly exported to developed countries in Europe and America, ant to Japan and Austria, etc. This then places a strict requirement on us concerning the product quality. The quality of our products is ensured through the constant upgrading of our internal control, and the quality of our manufacturing equipment is the first step to controlling and ensuring our quality."

Ms. Liu further commented, “At the beginning of Rastar’s development, we relied much on injection molding machines supplied by a well-known domestic supplier. However, we also had been bothered by the production quality and oil leakage problems. Reliable machines are the basic guarantee for producing highly qualified products and it is also the reason that drove us to consider injection molding machines from other suppliers. After very careful investigation into the market, we found out that Haitian was a quite popular and well-reputed brand in the market. Our face-to-face communication with Ms. Wang from the Haitian Shantou office was both thought-provoking and impressive. Finally we had an evaluation meeting with several injection molding machine suppliers. The production comparison test on different machines proved that the Haitian machine outperformed others in terms of production stability, reliability in avoiding oil leakage and in its superior ratio of price to performance, etc. Finally, we decided to buy Haitian machines, and up to now we have in all bought a considerable quantity.”

“The pursuit of quality never has a boundary and whether the price is low or high is also relative. Therefore, provided that the machines can satisfy the quality requirement, then the price/performance ratio is another pivotal issue for us to consider. Just you say, "technology to the point.”

Ms. Liu was quite impressive when talking about Haitian’s service and she shared with us a story. “At that time, several big Haitian  machines were about to be installed and prepared at our remote production base. However, the service company in charge of the installation was not familiar with the local situation, and yet production could not be delayed. After being informed about this situation, Haitian started to investigate and propose a solution without any delay. Problems including hoisting and bearing for big machines were solved very quickly. As soon as the machines were ready, the Haitian after-sales service team proposed a step-by-step ground-level measurement solution. This was just one example, and according to the feedback we collected from the production department, Haitian’s after-sales service team has been doing a good job in paying regular visits to customers and performing maintenance work. It is Haitian’s principle of caring for people that solidifies our cooperation.

Rastar believes that "Quality is our life and service is our soul’. That’s why we pay great attention to ensuring our product quality, listening to our customers and markets carefully, and to working hard on innovation and development to satisfy our customers with strong service. However, it does not mean that we just trying to please our customers by always saying ‘yes’; we also try to guide our customers towards making a good choice”.

Ms. Liu further explains: “When first exploring the domestic market, we had very close communication with our first distributors in Guangdong. We tried to transmit to them not only the products but also our ideology and the company vision behind it. We also provided them with strong support after sophisticated market study and investigation. When implementing the sales plan, we guided them towards making a special area in the toy car department in order to place some toy cars in stacks with the colors  ‘China,-red and ‘classic yellow’, making them pleasing to the eye and offering them at a reasonable price to make them a great attraction to the consumers. I also invited a potential distributor to stand by and watch together with me. That evening, 3 toy cars were sold in minutes.
From then on, more and more distributors have started to work with Rastar and our domestic business is getting on the right track and beginning to improve. Haitian’s success is attributable to our core vision of the three pillars comprised of “people, cost and capital”.

What is the vision of Rastar?

Ms. Liu: “Dedication, team Spirit and innovation are the core vision of Rastar. Here, dedication is more about the moral aspects, which requires us to be disciplined in profession for a common interest of a group because people live in different collective societies for working. A group formed by excellent talents is not the same as an excellent group.

Innovation means to stay critical of ourselves

A group will be competitive and innovative only if everyone in this group adheres to the shared values and rules. Innovation in ideas, technology, management, organization and service helps Rastar to maintain sustainable growth. Innovation means remaining critical of ourselves when reviewing the past and continuing to challenge ourselves and make further breakthroughs. It is a kind of spirit based on never staying satisfied, being able, firstly, to perform.


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