AnwenderberichteOlan de Mexico and its sustained success

Steady growth of this packaging company is supported by the high quality of Haitian equipment and the growing presence of Haitian Mexico

One of Mexico’s most reputable and innovative companies is a leader in the packaging space for the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries. They are are also a loyal customer of Haitian Mexico.

There are not many family-owned companies that can stay alive successfully for long periods; when second generations take control of the businesses, it often happens that both core values and competitive advantages are lost. That hasn’t been the case for Olan de Mexico. Founded in 1959 by Jaime Olegnowicz and Rosemarie Anchipolovsky (whose last names were combined to create the OLAN name), the organization started in central Mexico as a small producer of valves and atomizers for industrial purposes.

The company that began more than 50 years ago with a team of seven people under the name of Atomizadores de Mexico, is today One of Mexico’s most reputable and innovative companies is a leader in the packaging space for the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries. They are are also a loyal customer of Haitian Mexico.a corporation employing a staff of over 330 and a key player among atomizers, sprays, valves and dose-dispensers manufacturers, products which are mostly employed in the cosmetics industry.

Even though there may not be many companies manufacturing the same products that Olan de Mexico produces, there are Mexican firms that do import components and assemble them into similar products. Moreover, there’s strong competition with finished goods coming directly from China, Europe and the United States; many of them, however, haven’t been as successful due to either low quality, or lack of competitive prices.

Getting to know Haitian Plastics Machinery

Plastic injection processes have always played an important role within Olan de Mexico, but nowadays they’re even more significant. When Olan de Mexico and Haitian Plastics Machinery had their first contact in 2000, Olan had at that moment no more than 15 plastic injection machines from different manufacturers such as Negri Bossi, Boy and Jon Wai.

After getting to know the Haitian brand and all of its advantages – cost, productivity and efficiency – Olan de Mexico’s management decided to write an initial purchase order for three units. Very soon, this order would be modified into only one machine. “We didn’t know Haitian Plastics Machinery nor its machines, so at that time we preferred to wait to see the machines actually working before making any bigger investment”, evokes engineer Mr. Narciso Lugo, Sales Director.

“We knew that Haitian was the way to go”

However, all doubts soon came to an end. “About four months after we started producing with our first Haitian machine, we didn’t hesitate anymore. We knew that Haitian was the way to go”, says Mr. Lugo, who is a key team member and has assisted Olan de Mexico through its development for over 38 years.

Growing together

The relationship between Haitian and Olan de Mexico increased immediately; single orders of two to four machines were being placed regularly. At the time, Olan experienced one of the fastest growing stages in its long history. Starting from year 2006, the manufacturer was successful in opening foreign markets such as Argentina and Colombia; the US market would come later. Almost 12 years after the first acquisition of a Haitian molding machine, the Ningbo-based firm continues as Olan’s preferred supplier. At the time of writing, 37 out of the 42 machines owned by Olan are Haitian.

Olan de Mexico looks after the needs of direct-selling companies in the cosmetics industry such as Avon, Arabela, Jafra, and Stanhome, among others. These firms and the products they handle demand not only innovative designs, but also the highest quality in production materials and, as is obvious, the highest precision when it comes to injection processes. The price and performance of its plastic injection molding machines, combined with the availability, expertise and customer-oriented mindset of the post-sale service staff, has helped Haitian to position itself as Olan de Mexico’s top machinery manufacturer, significantly contributing to its customers’ satisfaction and to business expansion.

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