LeadershipFree training for machine equipment and maintenance

Efficient production processes in plastic injection molding not only require first-class technology, but also the correct setting, operation and maintenance of the machines. 

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    Training manager Jürgen Ledwina

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Haitian International Germany now offers its customers 2-day basic training courses for machine installers and maintenance engineers. What’s special about this year is that participation in the training courses is free of charge.

"As a thank you to our customers and prospective customers we would like to provide this free service and at the same time take the opportunity to generate immediate feedback from the industry. Constructive criticism, directly from the customer, is definitely worth the effort,” explained training manager Jürgen Ledwina, for the desired win-win situation. Training courses will take place at the site in Ebermannsdorf. The number of participants is limited to 10 people per course so an early registration is highly recommended. If you are interested in an overnight stay please feel free to contact Anja Durst, service assistant, for any additional information.

Trainings for electrical and servo-hydraulic series

The 2017 training program comprises a total of 12 modules in the form of basic training for installers as well as basic and construction courses for maintenance. Training is provided for servo-hydraulic machines like the Haitian Mars II and Jupiter II Series, along with the all-electrical Zhafir Venus II Series, as well as the electrical Zhafir Zeres Series with integrated hydraulics.

The range of topics vary from the introduction of the functions of the machines to practical exercises. For example, after training, installers are able to equip tools, program sequences, evaluate injection graphs, and modify machine adjustments. The training of maintenance engineers includes functional tests, fault diagnostics, changing components and performing calibrations.

In addition, interested companies have the opportunity to develop individual training concepts together with Jürgen Ledwina.

The information flyer "Training 2018" provides an overview of current course dates, training content and training targets. For questions and to register for the free trainings, please contact Mr.  Jürgen Ledwina at training@haitiangermany.com.

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